What is Text-A-Day?

In a sentence: Text-A-Day is a mobile commerce solution for nonprofit organizations.

In a paragraph: Text-A-Day is a full service mobile application service provider and mobile marketing agency. Text-A-Day engages nonprofits with mobile phone users to accept donations, sell goods and services, and create targeted communication campaigns.


What does all of that mean? Basically, Text-A-Day, helps nonprofits collect donations through text messaging. Everyone is always using their cell phone anyway, so why not use them to donate? It sounds a bit strange, I know, I’ve probably thought the same things you are right now. But, it really works! The people who know these things said that in 2009 people gave about $250,000 through their mobile phones. In 2010, people donated more than $50,000,000!

The best part about Text-A-Day is that those people who know all about mobile giving are the people who created Text-A-Day. With rich backgrounds in mobile giving, marketing, merchandising, business development, sales, nonprofits, software development, and telecommunications, the Text-A-Day team is the best and brightest. If you run a nonprofit and want to increase your donations, Text-A-Day is just what you have been looking for. Check them out at www.textaday.com


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