Dont Get Left Behind

Don’t Get Left Behind

88% of people do it while they watch TV. 150 million people do it in the United States alone. If you do it 95% of people will look at it within the hour. It is projected to create 248 billion dollars in transactions by 2014. Are you taking advantage of the mobile revolution? Does your organization rely on donations from individuals? Do you have a product to sell but no where to sell it? Take advantage of the mobile device that is in the hand, purse, or pocket of your donors and customers right now. With TextaDay you can create a gateway for people to purchase and donate from anywhere in the world. Promote your campaign or product with any marketing tool you already use. Television, radio, Twitter, and Facebook are great avenues but they don’t offer point of sale opportunity. By choosing a keyword such as “give” and telling your users/followers to text that keyword to “37284” you create to donation or sale opportunity. And it’s all via a simple text message. Not only do you create an option to buy or donate world wide but you have the opportunity to collect more data from users such as their email, phone number, and home address. All of which you would usually pay a marketing firm to collect for you. With this information you are able to create more touch points with your subscribers. Once users opt-in you can send messages about the latest campaign, donation, or purchase opportunity or even a special event invitation just for your mobile subscribers. Keep people up to date with monthly or weekly reminders of what is happening in the organization. People want to be involved and included in the latest news, give them that with a mobile club option. TextaDay’s mobile gateway is technology you control at a price you can afford.


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