7 Reasons Mobile Marketing Will Benefit Your Company

Lets start with overall awareness. Mobile text messaging enables you to keep people instantly informed about your company. You will be able to send your subscribers text messages about upcoming events, promotions, company information, or the latest updates. This is important; it keeps your mobile subscribers involved.

Creating a mobile culture. Everyone uses his or her phone, for Twitter, Facebook, Email and much more. Your business likely uses all of these methods to communicate.  However, it is easy for your posts and emails to get lost in the clutter of these social media sites. People follow hundreds, thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands between all their social media interactions. Messages get pushed out of the way to be replaced with others social media efforts. Mobile Messaging gives you another more personal interaction. This gives the participant the “inside scoop.” Which leads me to my next point.

Direct connection. It has been proven that 97% of text messages are read within 15 minutes. This makes your message a “Guaranteed Read.” With a text message you can create a direct connection with your target market. This is an opt-in program that can easily be opted out of. Ensuring your messages are being sent to people who want to receive them.

Text messaging is to the point. With only a 160-character count there is no room for filler. It must be concise, clear, and to the point. This enables you to really drive home a message because it is not cluttered by other elements. 

Effective. Text message marketing is not an expense. It is an investment. You will see a greater return on your advertising dollar.  There is a response rate from 20% to 70% with text marketing, compared to print, TV, and Radio, which is just at 1.5%.

From dollars to cents. Sending text messages costs pennies. Direct mail can cost over one dollar. How often do you read the advertisements sent to you by mail? How many of your text messages do you read? Social media is effective, however it is a time consuming expense. With mobile marketing your money is well spent. Your message can be sent in seconds and read within minutes.  

Call to Action. Get people involved. Keep them informed of what is going on and they will participate. Creating a trusting campaign that people have chosen to be apart of will jumpstart any event whether it is an upcoming sale, a community cook out or a nationwide recycling day. Inform, Motivate, Participate.   


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