A Helping Hand

ImageIn the span of just a few years the mobile industry has transformed from a way to place emergency calls from our cars to a mobile platform from which all communication needs are met. Mobile devices are no longer just for calls. Text, email, navigation, music, video, and now purchases and donations are made from these small hand-held devices. As texting surpasses calling as the preferred method of communication, mobile technology is being integrated into the billion dollar corporations with the financial backing to open these doors. But what about ministries, churches, and non-profits? Finally a company has reached out, offering an affordable option for those who would like a mobile platform. TextaDay provides a mobile gateway from which users can make donations and purchases and receive information directly from their smartphone. In using this technology many ministries, churches, and nonprofits are realizing gains in their donation amounts as well as increased awareness among their parishioners and customers. With users receiving instant updates on upcoming events TextaDay increases participation. Being able to interact via text from anywhere in the world keeps users informed and participating at all times. TextaDay is lending a helping hand by creating an affordable option. Tony Evans Ministries, Marilyn Hickey Ministries, and Kong Hee Ministries are a few of the organizations utilizing TextaDay technology and seeing vast improvements in user participation.


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