A New World Of Couponing


Saving money is everyone’s goal. With the rising cost of print and mail, what can save your business money? Text Message. The accessibility and instant communication of text message has taken over. Stop thinking about how many people read your ad or redeem your mailed coupon. (about 1%) Start sending it straight to their cell phone. Text message coupons are the way of the future, some already using them and others following suit very quickly. Big chain stores are creating mobile apps and others are trying. Skip the expense of building an app that someone will have to go find, download, hope it works with their operating system and actually open it to see the deals. Create a text message campaign. In minutes you can have your business sending out text messages to those who want to receive them.

Advantages of text

  • Sent to their phone instantly
  • No more print and mail costs
  • 10 times higher redemption rate
  • Reach your target audience every time
  • Phones are within arms length 24/7
  • Mobile is more personal – People respond better
  • All the benefits of text messaging – Instant, Simple, Concise

This List goes on!

Advantages for your target market

  • The coupon is on their phone no chance of loosing it (hopefully)
  • It’s optional for people. If they want to opt out of your campaign they can
  • Its instant – send time sensitive deals knowing your target market received it
  • Always in the loop of what’s coming out and where to get the latest deals

Mobile coupons show redemption rates ten times higher than traditional campaign’s. This number is quickly growing as more companies and people start to create and join mobile ad campaigns. It is fun and interactive for all. Bonus of using SinglePoint, we are a full mobile commerce company. Meaning, not only can we create ad campaigns we can send offers to purchase directly through the text message.

To Start your Mobile Ad Campaign Contact SinglePoint at 617-717-9138


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